Career Counseling and Coaching Services

As the foundation of our work with clients, we draw on classic and contemporary theories of career development, including, but not limited to:

  • John Holland – RIASEC – the six personality and work environment descriptions
  • Donald Super – Career-Life theory – changing roles over the lifetime
  • Sunny Hansen – Integrated Life Planning – a holistic approach
  • Mark Savickas – Constructivist Theory- a narrative approach to counseling.


Based on clients’ needs and goals, we partner with them to assess their interests, skills, values and preferences – through both established assessments such as the Strong Interest Inventory, SkillScan, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and through structured interviews and experiential exercises.

We then assist clients in using this information to explore their career options, systemically research these alternatives, and make informed choices. We coach clients toward maximizing their career success by teaching them strategies for open and direct communication, time and task management skills, professional presence, and authentic interpersonal relationships.

We support clients in their job search efforts by providing value-added feedback on resumes and cover letters, networking efforts, interviewing, and comprehensive job search strategies, including using social media and other internet-based resources. Such strategies can be tailored to specific industries, including the federal government, and can focus on development within the organization. We also provide guidance on professional and graduate school applications, including essays and personal statements for MBA and Ph.D. programs, as well as medical, dental, and law schools.


Read the Testimonials from our clients as examples of the strength of our services.