Intergenerational Teams

FOCUS ON: Collaboration is Key Any team project will require good communication and respect, particularly a team of mixed generations. Avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach while fostering mentoring and new workplace benefits may be the keys to achieving collaboration. Read more from the Career Pivot blog. FOR PRACTITIONERS: Applying Generational Theory Four generations in the workforce […]

Social Media

FOCUS ON: The Importance of Social Media Skills With 92% of recruiters using social media to find their next employees, it is crucial to be well versed not only in the different types of social media, but also in the effective ways of using them. Thinking about who to include in a social network is […]

Working Moms

JOB SEARCHING: Best of the Best for Working Moms More than 27 years ago, Working Mother magazine began researching companies nationwide to discover which ones most successfully honored the dual roles of mothers who worked. The result has grown into not only the annual “Working Mother 100 Best Companies” list, but now also includes lists […]