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21st Century College Courses

Updated: May 27, 2020

Perhaps the next big thing in career development will be finding a way to assist those taking MOOCs to package their knowledge into an opportunity for experience and that combination into a resume that will propel their career. ~ David M. Reile, Ph.D.

FOCUS ON: Colleges that Go Beyond the 3 R’s

Getting today’s students excited about learning in a college classroom may take more than eradicating a 600-seat-lecture hall. The courses colleges offer should be on top of today’s technology – courses such as “Level Design and Development for Video Games”, “Technology Entrepreneurship” and “Audio for the Web”. Help students learn to look at which universities offer such 21st century courses, and the value of having room for such electives in one’s program. Read more at

FOR PRACTITIONERS: Remedial Course Overhaul

Do your clients break into a cold sweat at the thought of pursuing a college degree? Are they concerned that they won’t make it through remedial classes? Due to high failure rates in remedial courses, national groups have rallied for an extensive overhaul of the teaching of these classes. Pilot projects are showing positive results already. Read about how a network of community colleges, professional associations, and educational researchers are bringing old math classes into the 21st century – and giving credit to more students more quickly. Read More at:

TOP TEN: Literally, a Poor Choice of Major

A college major can play a role in securing stable employment and high compensation or can steer someone away from this coveted goal. Kiplinger looked for majors whose graduates tend to find the sad but true combination of low compensation and high unemployment. It may not be surprising that Studio Arts, Anthropology, and Sociology made this unpleasant top ten list, but what other majors could affect future security? Check out:

COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES: MOOCs – Better than Sliced Bread for the Consumer or the Baker?

This next generation of educational technology is a 21st century revolution in higher ed. With the explosion of these “massively open online courses,” global lines disappear and courses are all about the needs of the users, not the providers. Will your clients become students of MOOCs and shun degrees and tuition? Read more at:


“There hasn’t been such a fuss over higher ed technological innovation since they invented chalk.” - Jeff Abernathy (writing about MOOCs)
“College is a refuge from hasty judgment.” - Robert Frost


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