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Looking Forward: What is Your Attitude Toward the Future?

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Here's another helpful message that showed up in my inbox: “When the light turns green, will you be ready?” It was the wake-up call I needed to start thinking about the future. Someday, the coronavirus disruption will be over and it is important to not continually dwell on current negativity or fear. We always have some aspect of control – let's use it and help others do the same!

~ Melanie Reinersman, M.A.,

FOCUS ON: Our Relationship to Time

Time is perceived, not sensed, and that perception is influenced by our personality, the pandemic, and time management skills. People who are typically forward-thinkers may now be overwhelmed by the inability to make plans and lack of a clear picture of the future. Read more in Psychology Today to seek answers to the question, “are we killing time or is it killing us?”


Self-care, transparency, and networking are critical to coping when the future looks difficult. David Blustein foreshadowed the erosion of work that is affecting people today. Read more about what Dr. Blustein says about the future of employment in light of his pre-COVID book, upcoming research and the psychology of work.

FOR PRACTITIONERS: Being Human – an Essential Skill for the Future

If people are not self-aware in the 21st century, then algorithms and social media may control and manipulate people. Maintaining human autonomy in the future requires being conscious – knowing thyself. Its not a new concept, but it is increasingly difficult to know who we are in the world today. Read more about this skill.

CAREER SPOTLIGHT: HR & Recruiting Trends

Looking forward in the field of Human Resources, flexibility is the new normal, pay is becoming less confidential, and the new hiring strategy involves changing how to identify and hire for soft skills. Read more in this LinkedIn Global Talent Trends report.

TOP TEN: Ways to Prepare for the Future

Making time for self-care and learning to not waste time are just two habits to cultivate when looking forward. Read all ten ways to prepare for the future.


Focus on progress not perfection.” - Bill Phillips
Life moves forward. The old leaves wither, die and fall away, and the new growth extends forward into the light. - Bryant McGill


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