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Best & Worst of 2014

Updated: May 27, 2020

When your mission is to provide “quality career services informed by theory and researched best practices,” it is incumbent to take the time for a year-end retrospection. With a lot of work, and not-to-mention happenstance, nothing that occurred in 2014 ended up in the “worst” category! ~ David M. Reile, Ph.D.

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FOCUS ON: Best and Worst Career Advice

Undoubtedly, career advisors are offering the best support they can for all those in need of career planning. People will continue to look for advice from a variety of sources, which may need some discernment before implementing. Two 2014 articles, “Famous CEOs and Executives Share Their Best Career Advice” and “The Best Career Advice You Never Hear,” may result in some helpful (“Have Courage to Go and Do What You Believe”) and less-helpful (“Never Cook Fish in the Office Microwave”) career advice.

JOB SEARCHING: Best and Worst Words to Put on A Resume

Hiring managers and human resource staffers helped CareerBuilder determine words to include and omit from a resume. Job hunters would do well to avoid “team player” and “dynamic” while adding in “achieved” and “negotiated.” Read more words on

YOUR LIBRARY: Best Career Books

Faced with the fun but challenging task of coming up with a list of the best career books published in the last 12 months, a Forbes contributor chose to break it down to three categories: success strategies, job search, and career reinvention. Do you recognized some of the authors whose books made the best list: Joshua Waldman, Martin Yates, Richard Leider? Enjoy reading this list of best career books and then start reading a book!


The results are in from data collected from 1,000 universities as to who gets the best paychecks. Happily, starting pay was up over last year. Not surprisingly, engineering and science occupations stayed in the top third of the rankings. Read for a list of the 30 best.

TOP TEN: Best and Worst Jobs

From Audiologist to Lumberjack, can you guess which jobs made the best list and which ended up on the worst list? Here’s a hint: nine out of ten of the best jobs were in the STEM fields! Read the answers in this article about CareerCast’s annual ranking (based on a variety of criteria that fall into four key categories: environment, income, outlook and stress).


The days are long but the years are short. - Unknown
Past and to come seems best; things present, worst. - Shakespeare


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