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Working From Home

Updated: May 27, 2020

It is a dream for some and a nightmare for others to work from home.  Which would it be for you and your clients?  Might want to look at the short-term and long-term issues. ~ David M. Reile, Ph.D.

Photo by Luke Peters on Unsplash

FOCUS ON: Numbers of Workers-at-home Increasing

Almost ten percent of all workers did their job from home at least one day a week, according to a new Census Bureau report. This is a steady increase and an obvious result of an advance in communications and information technologies. Not surprisingly, almost half of the home-based workers are self-employed. Career changers looking for the home-based work option should be encouraged by this news. Read details at

TOP TEN: Metropolitan Areas that have the Highest Number of Home-based Workers:

1. Boulder, CO

2. Medford, OR

3. Santa Fe, NM

4. Kingston, NY

5. Santa Rosa – Petaluma, CA

6. Mankato, MN

7. Prescott, AZ

8. St. Cloud, MN

9. Athens, GA

10. Austin, TX


CAREER SPOTLIGHT: Architects Design Low-Cost Homes for the Unlucky

The “1K House Project” aims to address housing needs around the world, particularly in the aftermath of natural disasters. MIT architects rose to the challenge of addressing such needs and revealed a prototype constructed in China, near the epicenter of the 2008 earthquake. Not only architects, but also designers, real estate developers, and green-lovers will agree there is value in replacing cheap housing (i.e., low quality standards; short lifespans) with higher quality, technologically and environmentally sound homes. Read about these careers at

FOR PRACTITIONERS: Teach Assertive Skills to Clients

Career development professionals occasionally see clients awkwardly practice the request to their employer to work from home. Because such requests are tricky, clients may need help evaluating and developing their ability to be assertive. Practitioners may want to use the Assertive Communication Handout (from the University of Iowa Counseling Service) or refer clients to the book “Your perfect right: Assertiveness and equality in your life and relationships” by Alberti & Emmons (2008).


“There’s no place like home.” - Dorothy, in the “Wonderful Wizard of Oz”
“Like most people, the unemployed homeless want to contribute to the accomplishment of worthwhile objectives that transcend day-to-day job tasks.  Finding meaning in work may be their most challenging need.” - Lutenski, “Give Hope to the Homeless”


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