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Set Up for Success: Strong Attributes for the Future

While “be prepared” may be known as a boy scout motto, it also fits some personality types (e.g. SJ's in Myers-Briggs type language). Sure openness and spontaneity have roles in any career (hint: see the CDA articles on Happenstance Theory in the Growth & Opportunity issue, Jan 2021). Setting oneself or ones clients up for success through skill development is a sure way to enjoy the chosen path.

~ Melanie Reinersman, M.A.,

Photo by Thought Catalog from Pexels

FOCUS ON: One Size Does NOT Fit All

Success is defined differently by every individual. Some people focus on balancing work life with passion while others aim to learn something new every day. Finding a definition that resonates with you, or latching on to a personal inspiration, is the first step in your uniquely successful life. Read more from Lifehack.

FOR PRACTITIONERS: Skills for Successful Leadership

Because people change jobs when they perceive the organization's leadership to be bad, it is imperative to have leaders that possess timeless skills. Encourage your clients to know and recognize their employees as individuals and take time off work. Never micro-manage employees. Be a good listener, show fairness and respect others. Leaders who genuinely want to see their employees succeed usually do! Read more in these back-to-back articles from HR Daily.

JOB SEARCHING: Be Prepared to Talk about Strengths

Job seekers will most likely be asked about strengths and having a story to tell leads to standing out from other candidates. The best answers will be detailed, compelling and include a range of strengths, such as transferable skills, knowledge-based skills and personal traits. Reading these “Best Answers of 2021” may help in crafting successful responses to the interview question about strengths.

CAREER SPOTLIGHT: Successful Entrepreneurs

Roll up your sleeves and make your great idea happen is the best way to make money. While some money is needed to start a business, it is more important to have a clear budget, remember time is money, and plan for hidden business expenses. Read more about how it takes money to make money or why that line is a lie.

TOP TEN: Habits of Successful People

Using your brain like a muscle and working it every day is a good habit. Using it to read more is a habit that leads to success. Next, surround yourself with people that inspire you so that you pick up all that you need to help you achieve success. Remember to be frugal, not stingy. Read all ten habits.


"Above all, let us be certain of what we want to be; let us choose for ourselves our path in life, and let us try to strew that path with flowers." ~ Emilie du Châtelet

“Success isn't what others tell you it is. It's what you say it is for yourself.” ~ Debbie Allen in Entrepreneur



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